Off-Grid Technologies, Inc.

August 24th, 2011

Rileighs Outdoor Decoration Project:  OGT is creating outdoor solar powered bows and wreaths in collaboration with Rileigh's Outdoor Decor in the Lehigh Valley (  Like all the other products under the OGT umbrella, these items are Made in USA in Bethlehem, PA. for distribution domestically.  Sparkling bows and special isotropic LED strings in nylon woven coverings for wreaths and garlands developed with the cooperation of Lehigh Valley small businesses.  The wreaths, garlands, and bows light up each night in a dazzling display of motion and delicate beauty off the grid.

August 23rd, 2011

Maddel Emergency Shelter Project:  Off-Grid Technologies (OGT) is working jointly with Maddel ( to add self-sustaining energy stations to their instant "Pop-Up" shelters.  Presently underway is a project to build temporary housing for the poor and a number of Medical Pop-Up shelters equipped with solar powered lighting, power outlets for computers, mobile phones, and battery charging system.  The proposed Beta test site is in the Philippines and Maddel is working closely with government officials involved in the project.  The resulting Power Generation Station employing paper-thin flexible solar films mounted on the "Origami" like structures that can be erected in under an hour, are meant to provide power in less than 24 hours upon their completion.

Off-Grid Technologies Mining Safety Products

Mining Safety Products:  OGT is working closely with the Mining Technology and Testing Center to create new products that employ "Intrinsically Safe" light-emitting technologies.  OGT has recently been awarded a patent for using magnetic fields to activate LED based lighting products underground and under water.  This patent is the foundation for the design of several technologies undergoing testing for distribution into the safety sector.   Integration of flexible solar films, glow compounds, reflective glass beads, and silicon encapsulation are just a few of the technologies undergoing investigation for mining applications.  The next frontier opens a realm of possibilities using radio frequency to alert workers by lighting their clothing when heavy equipment approaches.  It notifies them immediately of impending danger and assists operators by increasing the visibility of workers.

Solar Awnings:  OGT has received approval from the City of Bethlehem's Historical Committee ( and city council to create the first Solar Powered Illuminated Flexible Display awning for a local downtown restaurant.   Following the approval, two additional restaurants requested quotes.  OGT is working with Kaplan awning company in Easton, PA (in business since 1923) to provide custom-designed, outdoor, flexible-display, solar-powered awnings to replace the "Power-Gobbling" (500 Watt Lamp) high-intensity illumination method now in use across America.  The new technology is designed to be powered by flexible solar films mounted directly in the awning fabric itself or use a small AC/DC adapter requiring 1/2 watt of power to illuminate an entire awning surface.  That's 1000 times less power required resulting in energy cost savings for small business owners.

July 26th, 2011

Graphics for Awnings and Canopies: New materials, inks and technologies are rejuvenating the market,” has been published in the July edition of Sign Media Canada.

July 30th, 2010

Off-Grid Technologies exhibit at AIDF 2010 (  Off-Grid Technologies exhibited during AID and International Development Forum on July 22nd-23rd in Washington DC.  AIDF is the global event for humanitarian aid, disaster relief and development effectiveness.

AIDF 2010 Photo Off-GridAIDF 2010 Maddel

November 7th, 2010

Article published in the Express Times: "Bethlehem light-up apparel company JF Magic using same fiber-optic technology to get into green energy... Off-Grid Technologies, LLC".

October 22, 2010

Off-Grid Technology, LLC supports the Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem (CADCB) by participating in the 4Blocks Community effort.  A YouTube video about CADCB can be viewed here:

To find out more and see how you can participate, please visit

June 23rd - 25th, 2010

The City of Bethlehem, PA was chosen to host the annual PLCM Conference and has invited Off-Grid Technologies to showcase a few of our products at the conference next to City Hall. Solar powered light-emitting pole banners, two 5’ steel illuminated Moravian stars, and ambient interior tent lighting along with solar powered outdoor decorative light strings will adorn the area. We are grateful for the support that the City of Bethlehem has extended to us and we hope to see other cities throughout the nation also take steps to reduce energy consumption with Green Energy products.

June 2010

Building upon the foundation of 7 years of research and development to achieve new methods of conserving energy employing a combination of rigid or flexible film PV panels with programmable current-saving techniques controlling light output through specialized optical fibers, ‘Off-Grid Technologies’ was created to begin domestic manufacturing of self-powered illuminating products and “affordable” small-scale power generation stations for homes, dormitories, hospitals, commercial buildings.